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ENGL 1101 with Andrea Hudson-Tomblin: Finding Sources

Assignment Instructions

Topics for Compare/Contrast Essay

Organic vs. non-organic foods, 1960s vs Now (choose specific aspects of each), Two sports teams (of the same sport), Natural healing vs medicinal, Strict parenting vs permissive, Private school vs public school, Rural vs suburban living, High school vs college, E-books vs textbooks, Instagram vs Twitter, Squids vs Octopuses, Paper bags vs plastic bags, Books vs movies, Biology vs chemistry

Below are different source types to support your argument that are available to you at GSU Library.  If you don't see what you need, visit our Databases page and read the descriptions.  You are always welcome to contact your librarian, Sheeji Kathuria, for more help.

[Image Source: by Mohamed Hassan via Pixabay]

Reports on Opposing Viewpoints

Encyclopedia Entries and Historical Background

Newspaper Articles

Scholarly Articles