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Disability Services: Library - Assistive Software and Hardware

Disability services and equipment available in the University Library as well as around campus.

Assistive Technology available on Mac Computers

VoiceOver (VO) (Command F5)
- screen reading software

Screen Magnification (Option, Command, 8)

Cursor Magnification

Picture-in-Picture Zoom
-zooms into a portion of a page in a separate window.

High Contrast & Reverse Video
- allows you to switch to gray scale or reverse background of a page from black to white or vice versa

Talking Calculator (simple and scientific)


JAWS (screen reading and screen-magnification software)

The University Library has two (2) student computer workstation equipped with this software. The workstations are located on the 2nd floor of Library North and clearly marked (Computer numbers 16 and 17, near the Research Support Desk). See how EndNote works with Jaws.

Zoomtext  (Magnification and reading software)

The University Library has three (3) student computer workstations and one (1) visitor computer equipped with this software. The workstations are located on the 2nd floor of Library North and clearly marked on the machine's computer towers (Student computers #LN-16 and #LN-17 near elevator, #LN-55; Visitor computer #7).

Dragon Naturally Speaking  (Voice recognition software)

The University Library has one (1) student computer workstation equipped with this software.  (Student computers #LN-55, near the elevator on Library North 2).


SARA machine (Scanning and Reading Appliance)

User can scan a document and the system will read it back to them. On Library North 2 near the elevators, computer number 55 .

CCTV device (Closed Circuit Television) 

A television video camera combination used to magnify the print in books and newspapers can be found in University's Library North on the second floor (2nd) computer number 55.

Crank Table

Computer station 56 on Library North 2 (near the elevators) is equipped with a table that can be adjusted for height.

Assistive Technology Shortcuts for PCs

Windows Ease of Access Center - Windows Button + U

Accesses a control panel for assessabilty features including screen magnifier, narrator, and other available settings.

High Contrast On/Off

Left Alt + Left Shift + Print Screen

Toggle Mouse Keys On/Off

Left Atl + Left Shift + Num Lock

Sticky Keys - Shift Key 5 times

Allows to uses SHIFT, CTRL, ATL, and WINDOW keys by pressing 1 key at a time