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Data Visualization: Home

What is data visualization?

The most brief definition of data visualization is anything that converts data sources into a visual representation for the purpose of sense-making and communicating clearly and effectively. Sometimes data visualization also integrates analyzing data, which is usually called visual analytics. Here is a brief history of data visualization to cover some major events in the history of data visualization.

Below is a YouTube video introducing what is data visualization.


Data Visualization Types

  • By purpose: explanation, exploration.
  • By presentation tools: Infographics, Timelines, Word Clouds, Charts and Graphs, Images / videos.
  • By dimension: 1D, 2D, 3D/Volumetric.
  • By structure: network, tree structure /hierarchical , temporal, spatial.

Other Tools

This guide categorizes tools into different tabs by feature. In addition to these ones, there are a number of open source tools for you to explore. When you choose an open source tool, please do a little research on its support team as some of them may go out of business in a while, which might cause inconvenience if you want to save your visualization for a long time.


Get Help

If you are using one of these more advanced tools and run into trouble, there are a few places you can go for assistance.

1. YouTube (There are many projects of each and everyone of them. Short videos about specific tasks.)

2. (Log in with your campus ID and password. Some more challenged tools have systematic instruction on there.)

3. Your librarian !!! (Contact information is on the right sidebar)


Data Services & Support @ Georgia State University Library

The Library’s Research Data Services (RDS) Team offers support for data analysis tools & methods, mapping & data visualization, finding data, survey design, and data management

Visit this page for more information about our research data services, and browse our calendar for Drop In! hours and workshop listings.