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Research Data Services @ Georgia State University Library: RDS@GSU ~
Get DATA Certified!

Data skills -- even just basic data skills -- are highly valued by today's employers -- being called "the most lucrative skill[s] to have" and "the most valuable skill[s] you can learn." So, attending our data workshops will give you a leg up once you're out there looking for a job.

Best of all, our data workshops are all free.

You may be thinking, "So what if they're free?" Well, we researched how much workshops on our various topics would cost out in the real-world market, and what we found may make you re-think that "so what" reaction:

  • You could expect to pay $110 on average for a 1.5-hour workshop (the typical length of our workshops).
  • You could pay as low as $61/1.5-hour workshop, or as high as $200/1.5-hour workshop.
  • So, the 54 workshops that the RDS Team is offering for *FREE* this coming Spring 2019 semester equates to an average $5,940 total cost at the market price, and could range from $3,294 to $10,800 in total cost.

In other words, our free workshops are clearly quite a bargain and something you should be taking advantage of while you can...

Need even more incentive to come to our data workshops?

Okay, how about this for an incentive:

You can get RDS@GSU Data Certified!

  • Learn about our various Research Data Services (RDS) workshops on data analysis tools/software, data analysis methods, data visualization and mapping, and finding data.
  • On the Library Calendar ( register for RDS workshops -- look for the logo with the GET DATA CERTIFIED seal (see image at left).
  • Attend a minimum of five unique RDS workshops in the Spring 2019 semester (due to popular demand, we've decided to count Fall 2018 workshops toward the certificate as well).
    • Make sure you sign-in on the paper sign-in sheet at the workshop so we can track your attendance.
    • While you're welcome to attend the same workshop multiple times to hone your skills, to earn the data certificate you need to attend a minimum of five *unique* workshops (i.e., if you take Stata 1 twice, it can only count once toward your five workshops -- but if you take Stata 1, Stata 2, and Stata 3, those count as three workshops toward the five needed for the certification).
    • Attending a Data in the ATL talk *does not* count as a workshop toward the certificate.
  • By April 24 if you've attended a minimum five unique RDS workshops, you'll be invited to a ceremony in the Library (May 1, 2:00pm-3:00pm, in Library's CURVE space) where you can mingle with others committed to getting RDS@GSU Data Certified *and* receive a custom certificate signed by our Dean of Libraries and the Leader of the Research Data Services Team (see example below). 
    • ‚ÄčIf you are unable to attend the ceremony, we will send a PDF version of the certificate to your campus email.

Yes, it's that easy! So get RDS@GSU Data Certified!

By getting RDS@GSU Data Certified, you demonstrate to potential employers that you are committed to growing the data skills that they look for in hires. It’s free, and it’s worth it.

Questions? Email Mandy (RDS Team Leader) @

Example RDS@GSU Data Certified Certificate -- if Pounce can do it, so can you!