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KH4360: Clinical Exercise Physiology (Spring 2022)

What databases to use for your topic

Key Databases

Tutorials and Guides

Using Google Scholar

Set up Google Scholar to search GSU subscribed content for full text access:

  1. Open Google Scholar
  2. Click the Menu option (It looks like three horizontal lines)
  3. Choose "Settings"
  4. Choose "Library Links"
  5. A box that you can type in will appear. Start typing in Georgia State University, and the option to choose GSU will appear below the box.
  6. Select Georgia State University as your library, and Click Save.
  7. Once this is set up you will often see the Findit@GSU option to the right of your Google Scholar search results. If the full text is not available from Google Scholar links, click the Findit@GSU option to search GSU subscribed content for full text access.