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ENGL 1102 Lit Crit (Breedlove): Cite your sources

Introduction to Literary Criticism using For Students, Gale Literature, and Bloom's.

Tips and Guidelines

Always use citations when:

  • quoting directly from a source
  • including statistics or other factual information
  • paraphrasing or summarizing an author's main idea

More help:

MLA Style Guides

How to format citations in MLA style on your list of works cited:

Online Citation Guides

Look for the citation generator

1. Look for a citation tool on the same page as the article, book or other item you want to cite.

Screenshot of article in database with citation tool highlighted

2. Make sure you have selected the citation style  you want, then copy the citation or export it to a citation manager.

CAUTION! These citations are computer-generated so often contain mistakes, especially capitalization, punctuation, and spacing mistakes. Always double check the citations before submitting your paper!

Citation Help video

How to find the citation information for a book or article.

Note: This is an old version of the catalog and it uses MLA7, but the process of getting the citation information is the same.