Master of International Business: Company Information

Company Profiles - Inlduding Consultants

The Georgia State University Library has access to several databases that provide company profiles. Generally, company profiles include descriptions, company histories, financial information, news stories and other information related to a company. 

Market Share

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Company information is often tied to industry information. Industry resources will include an analysis of important companies in an industry, provide market share information, etc. Moreover, you can use industry data to see how a company compares to it's competitors. In addition to the company resources on this guide, you might also find it helpful to look at our Industry Research Guide and our Company Research Guide.


Private Company Financial Information

Finding financial information on a private company is always a challenge, because, unlike public companies, they are not required to disclose their financial information to the SEC. Most of the financial resources covered elsewhere on this guide will not include private company information. We do have some resources that have limited financial data for private companies. 

Private Company Information on the Internet

Additional information on private U.S. and global companies, specifically for startups and incubators, is available on There is a basic, free version and a PRO version with a 7-day trial with no cost.