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GLOS 3000/POLS 3000: Foundations in Global Research


Your assignment allows for 1-2 "popular journalistic" sources. If you want to cite information that is not from a peer-reviewed journal or scholarly press, be sure to analyze the source carefully.

Critically Analyzing Information Sources, from Cornell University Library, is an excellent guide on what to consider before citing a popular source for a research assignment.

Examples of what may be considered good popular sources:

  • National or international newspapers with strong journalism credentials and editorial boards.
  • Well-reputed national or international magazines.
  • NGOs that provide first-hand accounts or well-documented reports of situations or events.


Statistics could provide weight to research in global studies. Be sure to get your statistics from reliable primary sources.

The GSU Library provides this Statistics and Data guide to help you find statistics that can add to your research assignments.

If you need help finding statistics, contact the global studies librarian.