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**HON 1000: ‘Going Steady?’: Documenting the History of Dating in American Culture, 1940-1990 (Anderson/Fall 2018)

Class Location: Back To Our Honors College Classroom!

Class will be meeting today (October 25) in our regular classroom in the Honors College.

We will have a brief overview of resources for identifying/finding films and videos,

followed by a freeform discussion of your topics and resources you are finding (or hoping to find).

Previously Assigned Films (Not Required, But Interesting)

Still from VD Attack Plan (1973)


Watch these three films:

Where to Find Educational Films?

Google is a completely valid starting point! But these freely-available sites also include interesting online film collections: 

These two databases are available only to GSU students. You will be asked to log in with your Campus ID and password if you are off-campus.

What About Other Kinds of Film?

Other possibilities include

  • commercial feature films (on DVDs or elsewhere) (search on IMDB or other sites for information)
  • documentaries
  • television shows (some of you may want to think about "very special episodes"... try searching Google for your topic and "very special episode," like this: "very special episode" prostitution)
  • television commercials 
  • news broadcasts (Associated Press has put its archive of news films on its own YouTube channel)
  • music videos (the 80s are totally within our time period! Just a sampling of early MTV videos here, from Wikipedia...) 
  • institutional/corporate films (think training films, possibly sexual-harassment-awareness training films)

All of these are fair game as long as they were created between 1940 and 1990.

Possible sources for these include:

And, of course, YouTube, for all kinds of videos (commercials, music videos, TV episodes, you know...)

How Do I Find Out if the GSU Library Has a Film? (Feature Films, Documentaries, TV Shows!)

Option A: Search in the Catalog

From the library's homepage, click on "Catalog" and then on "Advanced Search"

Type the name of the film/documentary/TV show you are hoping to find into one of the search boxes and select "Title."

In the "Format" dropdown box, select "Audio Visual" from the dropdown menu.

This search will be limited to items identified as audiovisual (music, films, etc.).


Option B: Browsing

Our media collection (CDs, DVDs, even VHS tapes [yes, we have VHS viewing machinery] is on Library North 1.

Media materials are across from the circulation desk, on the other side of the large staircase.

You can browse our holdings there.

To check out a media item (DVD, CD, VHS), take the empty container to the circulation desk on Library North 1. They will get the item for you and check it out to you.

How Do I Cite Film, Videos, or TV Shows?

This link provides information on what information is needed to cite a film or video in Chicago style.

  • Films found in the various Internet Archive collections (see above) will include a "Film" icon for Zotero. Clicking this will drop the film and whatever production information is available into your Zotero.
  • YouTube and other commercial video sites will not have a "filmstrip" icon for Zotero. You will have to use the "webpage" icon and manually change it to "Film" in Zotero and manually add in production information for complete citation. (See link above for what information is needed. Use Google/Wikipedia to find that information).
  • Films or television shows available on DVD will have a "Video Recording" icon for Zotero. (Try looking up a film/TV show in -- if you're looking at a DVD, you'll see the "Video Recording" icon. Amazon Instant Video, however, confuses Zotero!)
  • Use GIL Classic (older version of library catalog, NOT the search box on the "Catalogs" tab, use the "GIL Classic" link there instead) to put films/TV shows from the library's holdings into Zotero. Oddly, the icon will look like a "Book" icon, but got turned into a "Film" entry when I tried adding one to Zotero. 

Feature Films: Some Ideas