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Market Analysis Resources for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs: University Reporter

What is University Reporter?

University Reporter (formerly MediaMark Reporter or MRI+) is a database that contains information about purchasers of brands, product types and media consumers. The data is drawn from MRI's Survey of the American Consumer. Each year the survey is issued to 25,000 consumers in their homes. Interviewers observe and verify household and respondent characteristics and collect demographic and media usage data. The survey focuses on product and media data.

  • Product: these focus on specific brands (such as Ford) or product type (like energy drinks). In the reports you can find information about who buys or uses the product/brand, including age, race, household income plus magazines, websites and cable channels they report watching.
  • Media : focus on the media habits of specific demographic groups, including magazines, websites and cable channels watched.

Navigating MediMark

When you log into MediaMark Reporter you will be prompted to choose an application.Choose the University Reporter application to find product data.

The ensuing page will prompt you to select a study. In most cases, you will want to choose the most recent study available. In this case it's the 2017 Spring Reporter GfK MRI

If you have a specific brand or product in mind, try the search box. Otherwise try browsing the categories and questions.

Reading Results

The numbers below are the people who drank premium domestic beer within the last 6 months.

Base Total: Total projected population in thousands. In this example, the base total tells us that there are 242,261,000 men in the population, 116,965,000 men, 125,296,000 women, etc.

'000: The number in the study that's projected to the total population. In this example the study is showing that 33,698,000 men in the total population drank at least one premium domestic beer within the last 6 months.

% Detail: Of all the people who drank premium beer in the last 6 months, 66.39 were men and 33.61 were women.

% Target: 28.81% of all men drank premium domestic beer in the last 6 months. 13.62% of all women drank premium domestic beer in the last 6 months. 

Index: 100 is the average. The index for the people ages 24-34 is 129, meaning that this group is 29% more likely than the average adult to have consumed premium domestic beer within the last 6 months. The index for ages 65+ iks 77, meaning that people in this age group are 23% less likely to have consumed premium domestic beer within the last 6 months.