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LGBT Institute Research Team: Government and
Community Resources

Googling - Domain Limiting

Google more sophisticatedly - use the site:domain limit

  • Limit to .org sites - search will only return organizational websites/documents

  • Limit to .gov sites - U.S. governmental sites/documents

Also consider using the Advanced Search (click on cog at the right-hand side of your Google search screen) to explore other search limiters. For example:

  • a file type: limit to Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf) might turn up some organizational or governmental reports in your search.
  • a file type: limit to Microsoft Excel (.xls) might turn up some spreadsheets of statistics and/or data.
  • a file type: limit to Microsoft Powerpoint (.ppt) might turn up some presentation slides by an organization member or government employee.

How you *MIGHT* use Wikipedia in your research process...

If you do searches limiting to .org sites, Wikipedia will invariably be the first result you get. We all know that Wikipedia in and of itself is neither "scholarly" or "peer-reviewed" - but you still might be able to use it in your *RESEARCH PROCESS* but not as a source itself:

(1) get some background and familiarize yourself with a topic, and also

(2) find the sources they cited - all (or at least most) Wikipedia articles end with References and/or Further Readings sections that point you to additional sources. These sometimes include peer-reviewed journal articles, government sources, and/or community sources that you can find in the library or online.

*Help on how to find articles listed in Wikipedia references.*