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Special Collections and Archives Department sources relating to the integration of Georgia State University, the University of Georgia, and the Georgia public school system during the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Integration of Georgia State University

1. The Signal (student newspaper): University Archives
(NOTE: Photocopies of these articles are in the GSU History Box in the Reading Room.  The Signal is also available in the library's Digital Collections.)


October 5, 1956


October 30, 1956


July 12, 1957


January 23, 1959


February 6, 1959


June 27, 1962

2. Oral History Interviews (George Manners): University Archives


G87-5 (transcript): pp. 100-102; 143-148


G90-23 (tapes)


3. GSU President's Records (George M. Sparks): University Archives


G73-5, Box 28, Folder 357 (1956)


4. Laurel Bowen and Peter Roberts.  "The Changing Face of GSU:  The Road to Diversity."  Georgia State University Centennial Exhibits, 2013.  In "Georgia State University History:  A Guide to the History of Georgia State University" [research guide].


5. David Wayne Nunnery, "The Attempted Integration of Georgia State College of Business Administration in 1956: A Significant Step Toward the Withdrawal of Georgia from the Massive Resistance Stance" (senior honors thesis, n.d.): University Archives


GSU Printed Collection, Box 29-A: "GSU History"

6. GSU Vice President for Academic Affairs Records, 1969-1982


G82-29: Box 7, Folder "Integration Plan, [1973-79]"


Select Bibliography

Daniels, Maurice C.  Ground Crew:  The Fight to End Segregation at Georgia State.  Athens, GA:  University of Georgia Press, 2019.  (GSU Library: LD 1965 .D34 2019)

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Trillin, Calvin. An Education in Georgia: The Integration of Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes. New York: Viking Press, 1964. [relates specifically to the integration of the University of Georgia] (GSU Library: LB 3062 T7)

Trillin, Calvin. An Education in Georgia: Charlayne Hunter, Hamilton Holmes, and the Integration of the University of Georgia. Foreword by Charlayne Hunter-Gault. Athens GA: Brown Thrasher Books, University of Georgia Press, 1991. (GSU Library: LD 1986 .T75 1991)

Integration of the University of Georgia



Online Access

Bell, Griffin

Chief of Staff under Governor Vandiver

September 19, 1990

Maloof, Manuel

DeKalb County politician, tavern owner

Contact Special Collections and Archives for access

Moore, Ray

News director, WSB-TV

May 8, 1987

Smith, George T.

Georgia House, 1959-67

August 19, 1992

Tuttle, Elbert

Justice, 5th Court of Appeals, 1954-68

April 10, 1992



September 21, 1992

Vandiver, Ernest

Lieutenant Governor, 1955-59; Governor, 1959-63

January 25, 1994

Washington, Alice Holmes

Educator, leader in Atlanta black community

April 15, 1993

Williams, Carey, Sr.

Georgia Senate, 1951-52

February 23, 1989

Williams, Osgood

Board of Regents, 1949-79

June 2, 1988

Integration of Public Schools in Georgia (Sibley Commission)

1. Oral History Interviews: Georgia Government Documentation Project
(NOTE: See also the interviews of Bell, Maloof, Moore, Smith, Vandiver, and Williams listed above.)



Online Access

Bell, Griffin

Chief of Staff under Governor Vandiver

June 12, 1990

Busbee, George

State Representative, 1957-75

March 24, 1987

Combs, Doyle

NAACP leader, Stephens County

Contact Special Collections and Archives for access

Dove, Pearlie

Educator, Clark College

April 9, 1992

Georgia Governors Roundtable

includes Maddox, Sanders, Herman Talmadge, Vandiver

Contact Special Collections and Archives for access

Goodwin, George

Reporter, Atlanta Journal

Contact Special Collections and Archives for access

Greer, John

Georgia House, 1945-54; Senate 1959-60

May 27, 1987

Harris, Narvie

DeKalb County Schools, 1944-83

 June 11, 1992

Isakson, Johnny

Georgia House, 1977-90

May 22, 1992

Lodge, Herman

Burke County Commission, 1982-present

Contact Special Collections and Archives for access

Lokey, Hamilton and Muriel (Hamilton)

Georgia House, 1953-57

Contact Special Collections and Archives for access

McPheeters, Annie

Head Librarian, Auburn Branch Library, 1930s and 1940s

June 8, 1992

Maddox, Lester

Governor of Georgia, 1967-71

June 16, 1976

Moore, Ray

News director, WSB-TV

May 8, 1987

Musgrove, Downing

Georgia House, 1951-60

October 2, 1988

Pauley, Frances

President, Georgia League of Women Voters, 1950s

April 11, 1988

Pendergrast, Nan

Civil Rights Activist and Leader of HOPE June 24, 1992

Sanders, Carl

Georgia House, 1955-63; Governor, 1963-67

August 1986

Sheppard, Cornelius

NAACP leader, Muscogee County

October 14, 1989

Talmadge, Herman

Governor of Georgia, 1949-55

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2. Photographs:

Lane Brothers Collection--Miscellaneous Events: one image dated August 30, 1961 titled Atlanta City School Interigation (sic)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Photographic Archive--integration and segregation of public schools  (photographs of Sibley Commission meetings, protestors outside Atlanta public schools, the first day of Northside High School integration)


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