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On Display at Clarkston - Deep Archive: On Display -- October 2006

This board features older display pages from the summer of 2006 to January of 2010

On Display -- October 2006

Featured Web Sites

The Hundred Most Frequently Challenged Books 1990 -- 2000
A list compiled by the American Library Association and other sources of the hundred books most likely to be challenged (threatened with removal from a library or class curriculum) or banned outright in the last ten years of the Twentieth Century. Many of these books are children's and young adult titles. Note: this web page has disappeared.

The Library Bill of Rights
The American Library Association's standard of professional ethics regarding your right to read and more broadly to borrow materials.

National Coalition Against Censorship
After a brief and readable introduction, this site becomes a blog for book challenges in the news. The challenges occur in schools, school libraries, and sometimes public libraries as well. The site's most recent entry dates from May of 2006.

Banned Book & Censorship Resources
A meta site on a variety of aspects of censorship, including: internet censorship, book banning, comic book censorship, and more. Note: this is an archived site. Please watch out for dead links.

An online exhibit that is a history of book censorship. Follow it all the way through or choose from assorted categories. The Flash movie that starts the site is a little noisy and there is no way to skip past it. Note: this is an archived site and may not work as intended.

Banned Books Online
A history of book banning and other forms of censorship mainly in the Twentieth Century. The exhibit features links to banned books that are in the public domain such as Ulysses and, yes, Little Red Riding Hood.

Catcher in the Rye

The Handmaid's Tale

The Bluest Eye

Lord of the Flies

Book covers courtesy of WorldCat..

To see other displays stop by the DEEP ARCHIVE

I read banned books button This display celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary of Banned Books Week. It features: covers of banned books with their call numbers, banned book web sites, information about the most commonly banned books, and more.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Featured Books

Allende, Isabel 1985. The House of the Spirits. New York: A.A. Knopf.
Traces the lives of the Truebas, beginning with clairvoyant Clara del Valle's summoning of the man she intends to marry, ambitious Esteban Trueba, and following their participation in the history of their times which is their destiny.
PQ8098.1 L54 C313
Book Index with Reviews Available throgh GALILEO

Angelou, Maya 2002. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. New York: Random House.
A Black woman recalls the anguish of her childhood in Arkansas and her adolescence in northern slums.
PS3551 N464 Z466
Book Index with Reviews Available throgh GALILEO

Atwood, Margaret 1998. The Handmaid's Tale. New York: Anchor Books.
Offred, a Handmaid, describes life in what was once the United States, now the Republic of Gilead, a shockingly repressive and intolerant monotheocracy, in a satirical tour de force set in the near future.
PR9199.3 A8 H3
Book Index with Reviews Available throgh GALILEO

Golding, William 2003. Lord of the Flies. New York: Berkley.
The classic study of human nature which depicts the degeneration of a group of schoolboys marooned on a desert island.
PR6013 O35 L6
Book Index with Reviews Available throgh GALILEO

Huxley, Aldous 1998. Brave New World. New York: Perennial Classics.
Huxley's classic prophetic novel describes the socialized horrors of a futuristic utopia devoid of individual freedom.
PR6015 U9 B65
Book Index with Reviews Available throgh GALILEO

Lee, Harper 1988. To Kill a Mockingbird. New York: Harper Perennial.
The explosion of racial hate and violence in a small Alabama town is viewed by a little girl whose father defends a Black man accused of rape.
PS3562 E353 T6
Book Index with Reviews Available throgh GALILEO

Morrison, Toni 2004. Beloved. New York: Vintage International.
Powerful is too tame a word to describe Toni Morrison's searing new novel of post-Civil War Ohi. Morrison....has created an unforgettable world in this novel about ex-slaves haunted by their violent memories.
PS3563 O8749 B436
Fisher, Ann H. Library Journal September 1, 1987 p 201. Available through on GALILEO

Morrison, Toni 2002. The Bluest Eye. New York: Plume Book
An impoverished black girl relates the struggles which attended her growth to maturity in rural Ohio.
PS3563 O8749 B35
Book Index with Reviews Available throgh GALILEO

Morrison, Toni 2004. Song of Solomon. New York: Vintage International.
Macon Dead, Jr., called Milkman, son of the richest Negro in town, moves from childhood into early manhood, searching, among the disparate, mysterious members of his family, for his life and reality.
PS3563 O8749 S65
Book Index with Reviews Available throgh GALILEO

Rowling, J. K. 2005. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. New York : Arthur A. Levine Books.
Sixth-year Hogwarts student Harry Potter gains valuable insights into the boy Voldemort once was, even as his own world is transformed by maturing friendships, schoolwork assistance from an unexpected source, and devastating losses.
PR6068 O93 H3686
Book Index with Reviews Available throgh GALILEO

Salinger, J.D. 1951. The Catcher in the Rye. Boston, MA: Little, Brown.
In an effort to escape the hypocrisies of life at his boarding school, sixteen-year-old Holden Caulfield seeks refuge in New York City.
PS3537 A426 C3
Book Index with Reviews Available throgh GALILEO

Steinbeck, John 2002. Of Mice and Men. New York: Penguin Books.
The tragic story, given poignancy by its objective narrative, is about the complex bond between two migrant laborers
PS3537 T3234 O2
Review exceprted from

Twain, Mark 2003. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.
Combining his raw humor and startlingly mature material, Twain developed a novel that directly attacked many of the traditions the South held dear at the time of its publication. Huckleberry Finn is the main character, and through his eyes, the reader sees and judges the South, its faults, and its redeeming qualities. Huck’s companion Jim, a runaway slave, provides friendship and protection while the two journey along the Mississippi on their raft.
PS1305 F46 A2
Excerpted from Grade Saver Classic Notes.

Vonnegut, Kurt 1969. Slaughterhouse Five. New York: Dial Press.
the novel which deals with one man's memory of the fire-bombing of Dresden.
PS3572 O5 S6
Book Index with Reviews Available throgh GALILEO

Walker, Alice 2003. The Color Purple. Orlando, FL: Harcourt.
The lives of two sisters--Nettie, a missionary in Africa, and ' Celie, a southern woman married to a man she hates--are revealed in a series of letters exchanged over thirty years.
PS3573 A425 C6
Book Index with Reviews Available throgh GALILEO

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