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Making the Most of Web 2.0: General Research Guide: A Savory Blog Roll

Web 2.0 delivers credible, current, and exciting information. Learn how to put Web 2.0 resources to work for you.

Put Some Butter on It

Put some butter on the tastey blogs in thie roll

No you can't really put butter on a blog roll, but the links here go to blogs that come well seasoned with credibility. The opinions may be strong and at times biased, but te writers tend to give their full names and often their credentials as do site owners. They also often provide links, and their blogs also receive frequent updates. All this makes this blog roll absolutely delicious.

News and Politics (Conservatve, right wing, and/or Zionist)

American Thinker
Conservative (Zionist) blog/ezine witha clean interface.

The Daily Caller
Right of Center news site/blog where authors list names, credentials, and links.

The Free Republic
A classic, conservative, minimal government blog with articles signed by their authors.

Power Line Conservative blog with a strong pro-Israel flavor. Offers news and views with articles signed by their writers.

News and Politics (Liberal, left wings, and/or progressive)

America Blog
This blog features a moderate tone, and slightly left-wing political slant. Articles have signatures.

Anti-statist, anti-war, somewhat anti-government, and left of center, but the authors have no fear of adding their names to articles that sometimes include references.

If you listen to NPR, you have probably heard some of ProPublica's investigative stories. This blog gives you access to the rest.

This Can't Be Happening
The "This" is Donald Trump's election, but the authors sign their names and have profiles.

Truth Out
Leftist and credible investigative to journalism intended to spark action on social issues.

News and Politics (Business and Finance)

Wolf Street: The Stories Behind Business, Finance, and Money
This blog's title says it all, and best of all, the owner signs his articles.

News and Politics (Science and Technology)

Boing Boing
Tech reportage combined with business/industry.

Four Short Links
Each day O'Reilly Media editor, Nat Torkington, presents four links to highly technical and very credible engineering and computer-releated articles.

Features curated summaries/previews of articles in physical science journals. If you would like to read the full articles, search for them in the library's databases and subscriptions.

Skeptical Science -- Getting Skeptical about Global Warming Denialism
The title says it all. This source features signed articles that support taking action against climate change.

News and Politics (Journalism, Culture, and Humanities)

Columbia Journalism Review
Offers an insider's look at journalims and articles on the news business and journalism as a career.

Five Thirty-Eight
Intelligent medium-to-longform articles on nearly any newsworthy topic.
Very old blog featuring news, technology, arts and culture.

Media Matters
Credible, left-of-center coverag of a variety of media related issues including, underreporting, bias, ownership, and conservative behemoths such as Clear Channel and Sinclair.

National Endowment for the Humanities
Regularly publishes articles on museums, teaching humanities in schools, historical sites, art, music, and more.