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PSYC 1100/1101: Introduction to Biological Psychology/General Psychology

Library Online Instruction Sessions for Research Credits

online library session # 3: introduction to scholarly databases and psycinfo

About this session:

At the end of this online self-paced instruction session, you will have a better understanding of what a scholarly databases is, specifically the database PsycINFO. You will be introduced to the library’s databases. You will be familiar with some of PsycINFO’s advanced search features.
Estimated time required: Less than 1 hour.

You will earn 1 research credit for reading through an online instruction session and passing a quiz based on the information presented.

How to Register for the Session and Take the Session Online:

  • Register in SONA for Online Library Session #3: Introduction to Scholarly Databases and PsycINFO
  • Pick one: October 21 (Wednesday) OR October 28 (Wednesday)
    NOTE: SONA will have a specific time listed for this session (10am – 11am on Wednesday). However, you don’t have to take the session during that specific hour. You can start any time after 10am on Wednesday and complete the quiz before midnight on Thursday.
  • The SONA system will send an e-mail message with a link to the online session at about 10am on Wednesday (10/21 or 10/28). Remember to check your junk/spam/archive folder because sometimes e-mails from automated systems get routed to those folders. 
  • You will have until 12 midnight on Thursday (10/22 or 10/29) to complete the session/quiz. 
  • Credits will be awarded in the SONA system by 5pm on Friday (10/23 or 10/30).