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More Database Handouts: Introduction

Sometimes popular and general databases are not enough. Learn to search more social science, local, statistical, and education, and dictionary databases step-by-step.

Step by Step with Argument, Local, and Social Science Databases

Where to Go

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Have you looked at Step by Step for Finding Books and Using Popular Databases,

Or Step by Step with Science and Technology Databases?

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Local and Social Science Databases

Search The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on its own web site, and try ProQuest News and Newspapers for other papers.

Education Databases


Search Professional Development Collection

Other Useful Sources

Search The Oxford English Dictionary

Search The United States Census

Search ProQuest Stastisical Abstract of the United States

Interactive outline for Keep it Local: Searching for Topics with an Atlanta Flavor

More Databases to Use for Argument, Social Science, and Public Policy Papers

The scene of a debate. Use GALILEO to back up your arguments!

If the popular databases are not enough for your argument, social science, or public policy topic, this page opens the door to step-by-step guides to specialized, local, and statistical information.

Argument papers are often Comm 1201 and Engl 1101 assignments, while public policy and social science topics: include subjects having to do with psychology, education issues, social problems, or crime, among other topics.

For science, medical, or technology topics, try the Science and Technology Databases page.

Step by Step Accessing the Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- for issues with a local emphasis.

Step by Step Accessing the New York Times with ProQuest -- Break through that paywall and include the New York Times in your sources.

Step by Step with ProQuest News and Newspapers Newspaper articles often hide behind paywalls, but with News and Newspapers, you can read for free.

Step by Step with Proquest ABI/Inform for business, innovation, regulation, and public policy.

Step by Step Accessing the Wall Street Journal say "goodbye paywall" and hello to America's, definitive, business newspaper.

Step by Step with Proquest Historical Newspapers -- Historical newspapers, some going back to the 1800's are back!

Step by Step with PAIS -- a great choice for finding overlooked items in the social sciences and for foreign affairs topics.

Step by Step wtih EBSCOHost ERIC and Thesaurus Searching with ERIC -- for articles and short books on education.

Step by Step wtih EBSCOHost Professional Development Collection -- learn to use another education database.

Step by Step with Project Muse

Step by Step with the Oxford English Dictionary -- learn the history, origin, or meaning of words.

Bursting because this item is New!Step by Step with Statistical Abstract of the United States ProQuest makes this premier statistical resource available and keeps it current.

Step by Step Custom Tables with the US Census -- United States population and social science statistics.