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Step by Step with Literary Reference Books - Handouts: Introduction

Learn to find both print and electronic, literary criticism, reference books and definitions for specialized, literary criticism and library terminology.

Step by Step with Literary Critcism Reference Books and Terminology

Where to Go

The handout links are BELOW the big illustration.

For literary criticism articles, try Step by Step wtih Literary Criticism

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Sources of Literature Criticism
Reference Books

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Handouts for Finding Literature Criticism Reference Books, and Help with Literary Research

Bursing with Reference Books

This page offers links to handouts that help you find reference books with articles that feature criticisms of assorted:

  • Poems

  • Short Stories

  • Plays

  • Novels

  • Classics and Epics

  • Literary Nonfiction

The books can be either in print in the Clarkston Library (JCLRC) reference area or available through several GALILEO databases. This page also has links to a page that defines words often used in literary criticism.

If you are interested in finding literary critciism articles in GALILEO databases or literary criticism books through GIL-Find, try Step by Step wtih Literary Criticism.

Literary Reference Book Availability List -- Where and how to find both print and electronic, literary criticism, reference books.

Resources for Drama and Poetry -- Works that feature overviews and criticism of plays and poems.

Resources for Novels and Short Stories -- Whether a work of fiction is long or short, you can find books with overviews and critical analyses here.

Film Resources -- Literary works often make the transition from page to screen, and film also deserves its own criticism. Find reference books that feature it here.

Glossary of Library Terms -- If the words and jargon of literary criticism and library research consult this page for quick definitions.