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Poster Presentations for Beginners

Printing Your Poster

PawPrints  is GSU’s full service print shop -

Available 24/7 online or by visiting two locations: 

Atlanta Campus: 72 Edgewood Ave or Clarkston Campus: CS Building 

Open Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 4:30pm (closed weekends)



Login and register with PawPrints.

For large printed posters, choose Wide Format Posters – (over 13” x 19”). Then choose the size poster that your assignment or conference/organization has specified.

Do not choose high gloss paper, indoor/outdoor lighting will reflect off the paper, creating reflection and glare. You do not want your poster to be hard for the audience to see.


NEED HELP OR HAVE QUESTIONS about printing? Contact PawPrints  678-891-3335