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Poster Presentations for Beginners

Poster Checklist

Before submitting your poster to the printer or for electronic/virtual display,

run through this checklist:



Is everything spelled correctly?

Is the poster the correct orientation (landscape or portrait)?

Is there too much text, too little? 

Does the poster look cluttered (too much information squeezed in, with no whitespace)?


Have you cited all of your sources? In a consistent and correct format?

Are your citations and sources correct?

Cleared use for copyrighted images/data/graphs/graphics?  

Is your contact information correct?

Do all of your links work? Does your QR code work?

Are your graphics clear and crisp?

Is the text size big enough to read from a few feet away?


Double check the class/conference poster requirements –

Is the poster the right size?

Is it in the correct file format? 

When is it due – is there enough time to have it printed?

Are the margins even throughout and is all of your information 1 - 1.5 inches from the edges of the poster/display?

**IMPORTANT** Before you submit your poster to print or for display - enlarge it to 100% on your screen or print your poster to pdf and zoom in to 100% magnification to confirm print quality. If any of your poster's elements look blurry or skewed, fix them before submission.


 Often overlooked consideration for printed poster presentations 

Where/how will this poster hang?

Do you need tape (masking, painters, duct)? Pushpins? Magnets? Binder clips? Easel? Removable sticky/velcro tabs? Grommets? Does it need to be mounted on foamcore? Trifold for table top display? If unknown or in doubt, make sure to bring a few hanging options with you!


Lastly, remember to be prepared to answer questions and to give a short talk about your topic to those who stop by your poster.