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HIST 1111 Gade - World History to 1500

Before You Search


By preparing yourself to answer the 5 Ws of your topic, you will be able to conduct a faster and more efficient search. Remember, you do not have to have all the answers to these questions before you research. Using this chart gives you a place to gather all of the information you find while researching.





When you search, you will be looking for answers to these specific questions. Take notes with this type of chart will allow you to organize the information that you gather for your paper or project. 


(Image - A pen and ink illustration of a cat in a tree, being harassed by a man and his dogs. From a late 15th Century CE manuscript made in Germany (probably Trier). From Ms. Ludwig XV 1 (83.MR.171), fol. 48, in the collection of the Getty Museum. From