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HIST 2110 and ENGL 2130 Honors Cluster Research Guide Spring 2022: Assignment 2 - Digital Project in Sutori

We will be using Sutori software to create a joint HIST 2110/ENGL 2130 Digital Research Project. Using Sutori, you will create a multi-media digital “Story” that explores connections between historical events in U.S. history and interpretations of those events in American Literature. 
The Sutori “Story” examples shown in class (“Phillis Wheatley” and “Harlem Renaissance”) demonstrate just some of the possibilities for how you can use the software’s digital tools to creatively present the historical/literary connections “Story” you want to tell. [Isn’t it interesting how both History and Literature tell “stories”!]  A basic template will be provided for your use as a guide; once copied and saved into your own Sutori account, you can make any changes or modifications to the template as you create content, and before sharing.

History Research Databases

The following list of databases will help you research the historical context of a particular place.  Try typing in your name location in the main search box and see what comes up.

Literature Research Databases

Recommended Websites for Finding Images