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GEOL 1122H: Library Research Guide (Polly Bouker): Sapelo Island Research Project

Sapelo Island Research Assignment

Required Project Elements 

  • 5-10 page paper, properly cited
  • 5+ sources required, at least 3 peer-reviewed
  • Google Earth file to supplement paper and presentation 
  • PowerPoint slides for presentation 
  • Recorded “lecture” video for presentation  

LAB: Design a lab exercise and beach field experiment to be conducted on Sapelo Island Field Trip (and after if additional lab equipment is needed).

Required Project Elements

  • Written lab exercise, including necessary Sapelo geology background section and specific methods and procedure to be used – DUE PRIOR TO TRIP
  • Must be properly cited
  • Completed lab exercise and 3+ page field trip/lab report summarizing field experience and discussion of analysis and/or findings.

(Image source: Flickr)

General Background Information on Sapelo Island

The following are books in the GSU collection about the Georgia coast and Sapelo Island.  There is a video tutorial below on how to request the book get delivered to your campus if you need it for your research.

Finding Peer-Reviewed Research using EBSCO Discover

EBSCO Discover is the main search box on the library homepage.  It offers a search across multiple resources and databases. 

Find Peer-Reviewed Research using Science Research Databases

The following databases offer specialized research in Biology and Geology peer-reviewed journals.  Try typing in "Sapelo Island" into the main database search box to find high quality research conducted there.