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Global Digital Divide

Currently, half of the world’s population is not online. The ‘digital divide’ we experience globally does not just mean those who have access to the internet and those who do not, this technological gap includes other challenges such having a well-equipped digital infrastructure for rural and urban communities, connectivity speed and having the skills and knowledge to work with such technology. Digital technologies are spreading swiftly providing numerous benefits –increasing economic wealth and effectiveness, providing jobs,  and growing educational opportunities. While technology and internet access have proved a great influence over countries, there is still the matter of connectivity, so some benefits are uneven globally. If the world is truly to be connected digitally then internet access is critical to progress.

This video examines these challenges and presents new ways and tools that when used with existing technologies can reach more remote areas.


Make4Prosperity Global Maker Challenge. “ Digital Divide & Digital Literacy” 2019.Accessed 8 Dec. 2021.


Bridging the Gender Digital Divide

The gender gap for women and girls accessing technology was 11.6 % in 2017 and in less developed areas it is 31%.  This video demonstrates a program form Plan International that highlights  the Smart Up program that allows young women in Uganda and Ethiopia  to learn and use technology and test out their ideas.   They learn about programing, web development, entrepreneurship and robotics so they can be ready for world now and in the future. This program, and others like are bridging the gender divide. For more information:

 Plan International  Bridging the Global Gender Divide. Accessed 12 Dec.2021

Literacy in a Digital World (UNESCO)

This video from the United Nations explores why literacy is important in an increasingly digitized world.  Currently 750 million people cannot read or write. Crucial work needs to be done  so that reading and writing can close the gap between those who are both literate and digitally literate. The literacy gap creates obstacles for those who need access to technology. This video 's message is that we work together to close the literacy gap so we can increase access in an increasingly digitized world. For more information:

Literacy in a Digital World  Accessed 14 Dec. 2021.

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