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National and Global Organizations

Close the Gap

Close the Gap is an international social enterprise that aims to bridge the digital divide by offering high-quality, pre-owned computers donated by European and international companies to educational, medical and social projects in developing and emerging countries.


52 million people are not connected to the internet, which means they cannot apply for employment, open a bank account or complete a healthcare application. Everyoneon unlocks opportunity by connecting families in underserved communities to affordable internet service and computers , and delivering digital skills trainings.

International Telecommunication Union

Founded in 1865, The ITU is committed to connecting all the world’s people—wherever they live and whatever their means. Through their work the ITU strives to protect and support everyone’s right to communicate. Every time you make a phone call via mobile, access the Internet or send an email, you are benefitting from the work of the ITU.

National Collaborative for Digital Equality

The NCDE supports efforts to eliminate the digital divide as a barrier to economic and educational opportunity. NCDE provides free dissemination and policy education as well as comprehensive, fee-based consulting services, in support of digital equity for economic and educational inclusion.

National Digital Inclusion Alliance

The NDIA is a voice for home broadband access, public broadband access, personal devices, and local technology support and training programs. NDIA is a community of advocates and practitioners working for digital access and inclusion. Through their collaborative work, the make, identify and disseminate operational and monetary resources for digital inclusion programs working as bridge to the public and policy makers.

Partners Bridging the Digital Divide

This organization assists agencies that provide digital inclusion services including training, equipment, broadband connectivity and technical support.

The Turing Trust

The Turing Trust was set up in 2009 in honor of Alan Turing by his family. Today we honor his remarkable legacy by providing quality IT resources and training to schools in sub-Saharan Africa. The Turing trust has operations on the United Kingdom and is based in Edinburgh, the trust provides training and volunteering opportunities that reduce waste and contributes to an environmentally conscious community.


United States Agency for International Development’s Digital Strategy plans an agency-wide approach to the in a fast paced digital age. The strategy is to achieve and keep open, secure, and inclusive digital ecosystems that contributes to broad, quantifiable development and humanitarian outcomes.

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