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GSU Dunwoody Perimeter Campus: Library Orientation : Library Services for Students

Library Basics for new Panthers on the Dunwoody Perimeter Campus!

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What Can I Borrow

Audio Splitters

Audio Splitters

Need to connect headphones and a microphone but only have one audio jack? You can borrow audio splitters for up to 6 hours! 

Phone Charger

Phone Chargers and Cables

Left your phone charger at home or forgot to bring the cable and not the block to plug it in? Don't stress! Come borrow our phone chargers! (6 hour limit) 


Scientific, Financial, and Basic Calculators

We have scientific, financial, graphing, and basic calculators! Need one for a week? That's fine! Just need one for a test or class? Borrow our "Express Calculators" for up to 6 hours so you can focus on making the grade! (Also check out our Tutoring Center for different kinds of math tutoring sessions!) 

Chromebook Laptop


We have Chromebooks you can check out for a week! Make sure you delete all your data, work, and any personal information before returning them. (Student privacy is a priority to us!) 


Markers & Erasers

In a study group and looking for a way to demonstrate the content visually to your peers? Come borrow our EXPO markers and erasers and grab yourself a rolling eraser board! (6 hour limit) 



Have a virtual class or assignment you need to watch? Or just need some music while you study? Come check out our headphones and headsets! (Can borrow for up to 6 hours!) 

Presentation Remotes

Presentation Remotes

Have a class you need to teach or a presentation on PowerPoint but still need to move around as you teach or present? Come check out one of our Presentation remotes. Works on all GSU technology! (6 hour limit) 

Ruler, Glue, Scissors, Colored Pencils

Basic School Supply Kit

Working on a project and need a ruler and other basic school supplies? Come borrow our school supply kit which includes a ruler, colored pencils, glue, scissors, and highlighter! (6 hour limit)

Wireless Mouse

Wireless Mice

Need a mouse for your computer but don't want a cord attached to it? You can borrow a wireless mouse for up to six hours! 

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