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ENGL 1102 McNamara - Film Analysis

Fall 2021 - Library info for Professor McNamara's ENGL 1102 class

Check Out the Films!


  • Bring your Panthercard to gain entry to the library. You will show this to the security officer.
  • If you've requested a DVD from another campus library, tell the front desk staff that you have an item on hold and provide your last name. You can check out movies (and anything from the library) with you panther card and/or a photo ID.
  • Headphones are also available for check out at the same desk. If you do not have your own to plug in or sync, these headphones will allow you to hear the movie at a reasonable volume. The headphones are also cleaned between each use.













Watch the films at the library!


  • Not all of the library computers will play DVDs. The computers with the bigger monitors do have DVD drives. Just lightly push the button on the right side and the tray will pop out!