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PERS 2003: Project Labs Fall 2021: Project #2: Curriculum Design and Faculty Recruitment Plan

A research guide to accompany Dr. Owen Cantrell and Dr. Katherine Perry's Fall PERS 2003 course.

Project Description

Assignment: For this project, students will work in teams of 3-4 to create a 4-5-page curriculum design and faculty recruitment plan for a new prison facility in which GSUPEP plans to work. In this document, students will utilize the current curriculum of Perimeter College in determining the best plan for producing an Associate’s Degree program for students within a 2-4 year time frame. Additionally, students will consider the multiple contingencies required for recruiting faculty from Perimeter College, Georgia State University, and throughout the state of Georgia, some of which are listed under audience and others which will be detailed in course materials.

Technology: For completing this project, the final deliverable will be a simple .doc or .docx file. It may also be useful to create a presentation version of this document using PowerPoint or other presentation software.

Audience: The audience for this document is the GSUPEP Administrative team as they consider new facilities to engage with and how to plan for those facilities. Ideally, we’d be able to use this document in planning our approach in teaching at new facilities and recruiting faculty.


Online Databases

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