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*GERO 8100 Research Methods in Gerontology (Burgess): Literature Search -
Finding Articles

Getting to Articles from Databases

1: Look for a "Full-Text" or "PDF" link that will take you directly to the article. If yes, great.  If not, go to #2.

2: Look for the FINDIT @ GSU button.  Click on it.  Look for the "Full text online" link at the top.  If yes, great. If not, you will see "Sorry, no electronic full text is available."  Go to #3.

3: If you see the "Sorry, no electronic full text is available" message, click the link below it that says "We may have a copy in print."  If yes, use document article delivery to have the article sent to you electronically (faculty and grad students only).  If we do not have it in print, go to #4.

4: Request the article you need through interlibrary loan - typically arrive within 1 day, so definitely worth trying!

Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews are comprehensive literature reviews on topics - a great way to familiarize yourself with the research in an area and to mine the references for original research studies.  You can browse them or use the Advanced Search to search within specific ones.

Off-Campus Access? YES!

Off-Campus Access? YES!  All databases and online journals are accessible from off campus - you'll be prompted to login with your CampusID/password at the beginning of a search session, than it should be seemless after that!

Cited Reference Searching

Found an incredibly relevant source for your topic?  Do cited reference searches to find researchers who are citing that relevant source - their research might be relevant to you as well, and even more current.

Mining References

Found an incredibly relevant source for your topic?  Mine its references for previously-published sources the authors are citing that might also be relevant to your research.