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Health and Physical Education: Books

Resources for researching health and kinesiology.


Books in the GSU library are arranged by the Library of Congress Call Number system.  This is an alpha-numeric system that organizes the books by subject. 

How to Read a Library of Congress Call Number

Since the GSU library has so many books (1.5 million) it's usually best to do a search in the library catalog to get started with finding a subject area.  However, if you want to browse, here's the subject area for these topics:

GV  Recreation:  Library North, 5th Floor
HM  Sociology: Library North, 4th Floor
Education:  Library North, 4th Floor
QM Human anatomy:  Library South, 4th Floor
  Physiology: Library South, 4th Floor
R    Medicine: Library North 3rd Floor
  Public Health
: Library North 3rd Floor

Here's our floor maps for more detailed locations.