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*GERO 8000 Seminar in Gerontology - Morgan: "Policy Essay"

Relevant Assignment Details

  • Identify a federal, state, or local law or policy.
  • Read the original document(s).
  • Review the history of the policy through news reports (be very critical of the sources you use) and academic literature.

U.S. Federal Legislation/Policy

  • Legislative Insight (ProQuest) - Federal legislative history service that makes available thoroughly researched compilations of digital full text publications created by Congress during the process leading up to the enactment of U.S. Public Laws.
  • Thomas - Provides current legislative information on the United States Congress.

Georgia State Legislation/Policy

  • Georgia Legislative Documents - currently contains the Acts of the General Assembly of the State of Georgia for the years 1799-1999, with a few gaps.The Acts are the actual text of the laws and resolutions as they were voted upon by the General Assembly. The text as published in the Acts is different from the text published in the Georgia Code.The Journals outline the passage of bills and resolutions through each chamber of the General Assembly. The House of Representatives Journals to be included in the database were published 1781-1995; the Senate Journals to be included were published 1789-1995.

Other U.S. States Legislation/Policy

Legislative Histories

A legislative history is a compilation of the materials generated during the course of creating legislation. Legislative history is used for discovering the legislative intent. Use the information in the attached documents for locating resouces used in compiling Federal or state of Georgia legislative histories.