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SciFinder: "Old" SciFinder

GSU has transitioned to SciFinder-n in early 2020

GSU users are encouraged to begin using SciFinder-n, as the older interface for SciFinder will eventually be retired. 

SciFinder Help

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download a paper?
Click Full text next to a search result, then FindIt@GSU. Make sure your browser allows popups. More Info

I want papers on the synthesis of a substance. How do I find them?
You have several choices:
1. In the Substance Editor, select Drawing Editor: Reaction, then use the Reaction Role tool to assign the substance as a product. More Info
2. Search for a substance, then select Get Reactions on the results screen. Select reactions where the substance is a product. More Info

Can I search for a substance without drawing it?
Yes, you can search by name (including brand name) or formula. More Info

Can I import a drawing from ChemDraw?
Yes. Save the drawing as .mol and select the Open icon in the Substance Editor.

What Is SciFinder?

To access SciFinderRegister and then Login

You must register for a free account (with your GSU email address) to use SciFinder. SciFinder is only available to Atlanta campus students and faculty.

To access SciFinder-n from SciFinder (now available)

If you do not have an account, register with the link above. If you already have an old SciFinder account, you can log in to SciFinder-n with the same username and password. Look at the right hand side of the page (under "News & Updates") to find the SciFinder-n login link:

SciFinder Access Issues

I'm having trouble accessing SciFinder. What is the problem?

1) Campus Affiliation

Only GSU Atlanta campus students and faculty have access to SciFinder. Perimeter students will not be able to access SciFinder from their home campus or off-campus.

2) SciFinder Account

You must create a free SciFinder account with your GSU Atlanta campus email before you can log in to SciFinder.

3) Off-Campus Authorization

If you are accessing SciFinder from off-campus, sometimes an authentication step gets skipped and it won't recognize your GSU access. Try the following:

A) Access SciFinder through the "Login" link above on this GSU LibGuide.

B) Clear your internet browser history and try logging in again.

C) Check your internet browser version against SciFinder System Recommendations and Requirements. Update your browser or switch to a different one if needed.

D) Download and install the GSU Cisco AnyConnect VPN from the GSU Technology Software Download site. Install and login instructions are provided with the download. Try logging in with your CampusID through the VPN and then accessing SciFinder.

4) Website Maintenance

SciFinder requires occasional maintenance and updates. SciFinder Availability lists scheduled maintenance times; they are usually weekend late nights for user convenience.

I forgot my SciFinder username/password. How do I reset it?

If you forget your username or password, change it here.

I forgot my SciFinder security questions. How do I reset them?

Please contact SciFinder customer service directly:

8 AM - 6 PM (Eastern Time), M-F | 1-800-753-4227 | 

Only you are supposed to know the answers to your security questions, so the library does not have access to this information.