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Disability Services: Other Assistive Software and Hardware

Disability services and equipment available in the University Library as well as around campus.

Other Campus Resources

University Office of Disability Services      

The Office of Disability Services strives to enable students with a disability to take full advantage of the eductional opportunities that Georgia State University has to offer use this link to access information about the variety of services and resources available to students.

List of UETS Labs      

A partial list of assistive software and technology available on campus.

Recreational Services

There are a variety of accommodations available to students, faculty, or staff who have special needs.


Assistive Devices from the Office of Disability Services

Infogrip BIGtrack mouse for individuals with mobility or fine motor limitations.

SmartNAV hands-free mouse

CCTV Systems Low vision video and image magnifier

Braille embosser

Manually loaded scanners

Assistive Software from the Office of Disability Services

Read & Write 8.1  Text-to-speech and Voice Recognition

Wynn Wizard (Scanning and reading software) Scan printed pages and convert them into electronic text. Read scanned text, word processing documents, Adobe Acrobat PDF files, text files, and the Internet.

Open Book 8.0  Scanning and reading software

Inspiration version 8 Visual thinking and learning tool to plan, research and complete projects.

Premier AT A suite of assistive softwares such as talking dictionary, talking calculator, talking word processor ,text reader, text-to-audio, etc.

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