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NURS 4600 Leadership & Management in Nursing: Home

Select two contemporary leaders who have been active during any time period and write a paper on each leader. You will need to obtain evidence that proves your leader is the type of leader you claim them to be.

Nursing 4600 - Leadership & Management in Nursing - CTW

This assignment requires selecting two leaders from any time period and writing a paper on each leader. One leader is from the nursing field and the other is not. You have to research both nursing and non-nursing leadership/management theories. You will need to obtain evidence that proves your leader is the type of leader you claim them to be.

For sources, you may want to focus primarily on books. Scholarly journal and popular magazine/newspaper articles about/by your leader may also be useful, but may not provide much biographical information; although they will illuminate facets of their theories and potentially their leadership styles. Books will have better information about the leaders and their leadership styles. For more information on how to distinguish between scholarly and non-scholarly sources, click here.

For the body of your papers, you will need to reference and critique published definitions of leadership, justify your proposed definition of leadership and supply evidence to support your conclusion.


Book Sources

Here are a few books on nursing leadership that can be found in GSU Library. You can search for additional titles on nursing leaders and leaders in other fields in GIL, the library's online catalog. To access the e-book titles: click on the title of the e-book and then click on the link "click here to access this title online".  You will be prompted for your Campus ID login to access the title if you are off-campus.

To search other sources in Nursing and other fields, go to the Databases by Subject list on this page.

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Citing Sources

You must use APA style to cite your sources. For help: