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Psychology: General Research Guide: Information ABOUT Tests


Please note: These sources DO NOT contain actual tests. 

Use these sources to get valuable information about a test or measure that will inform your research:  

  • Did the test get good reviews? 
  • What is its reliability and validity? 
  • Is it only available for a fee? 
  • What is the intended audience for this test? 
  • How long does it take to administer the test? 
  • Where might I locate an actual copy of the test?
  • Etc.

Source Brief Overview of Source

ETS/Test Link
  • A database of over 25,000 tests & measures.
  • Search the database here.
  • Enter search terms, do a search, and see your results.
  • Click on the title of a test to get more information about the test.
  • See the AVAILABILITY field to see where/how/if you can get an actual copy of the test.
Directory of Unpublished Experimental Mental Measures
(Print Source)
  • A set of 9 volumes
  • Each chapter lists tests by topic (personality, anxiety, attitudes, etc.)
  • Each entry lists the name of the test, authors, primary study in which the test was used, a source in which the actual test might be located, number of items, reliability and validity (if known), and more.

Mental Measurements Yearbook
  • Provides descriptions, critical reviews, and references for thousands of commercially-available standardized English-language tests. 
  • Covers 1938 - present.

Tests in Print
  • Contains all known commercially available tests in print in the English language.
  • Includes test purpose, publisher, price, intended test population, administration times, and more.
  • A score index is provided to show what is being measured: depression, likability, social interaction, etc.

Tests: A Comprehensive Reference for Assessment in Psychology, Education, and Business
(Print Source)
  • Offers concise descriptions of tests for researchers who would like to familiarize themselves with the broad range of tests available in English (and some in Spanish).
  • Does not offer reviews of tests.
  • Check Reference (Library North 2) and regular collection (Library North 5) at call number BF176 .T43

Test Critiques
(Print Source)
  • Designed to be a companion to the resource above (Tests: A Comprehensive...).
  • Contains supplemental information including reliability, validity, and norm development.
  • Each entry offers a detailed introduction, plus sections on Practical Applications/Uses and Technical Aspects, followed by a critique.