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ENGL 1102H Spring 2021 (Mitchell): Website Assignment

Assignment Instructions

On the website, you will provide information on you cause and persuade the audience to join it in some way. It should have at least three pages. The home page should have a call to action.

You need to introduce the cause and invite the reader to do something specific to become involved in this cause. This call to action should be between 200 and 500 words and should be new material and not from your research essay. You also need a page that has the citations, in MLA 8th edition format, for the secondary sources from your research paper. Before the sources, you should have a paragraph of 100-200 words introducing and giving an overview of your sources. The third page should include additional resources, and you should provide links to three to 10 videos, websites, podcast episodes, etc. for each, you should have a brief introduction of what each is.

You can use a theme for this website adapting it as needed for your purpose, but you do not need to. On each page, you need a title and at least one images. All images used must be copyright free or creative commons. The layout, which possible will include a theme, text, and images should all work together to support your persuasive purpose and make the website easy to use. 

Recommended Websites for Finding Images