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EPRS 7900: Methods of Research in Education

Test/Measurement Review/Information Databases

Use these databases to obtain a comprehensive description/review of a test/measurement (i.e. reliability, validity, etc.), publisher information, administration, procedures, cost, audience, etc.

Database Searching for Actual Tests/Measurements

Finding an actual instrument can be difficult due to licensing or author restrictions. However, sometimes the instrument is included, and if not, article results may still reveal relevant content about the test and how it was used in the study. If available, the instrument will usually be located in the appendices. The list of references can also be checked for a possible instrument source location.

  • ERIC 
    In Advanced Search: enter topic; in Limiter section--select Tests/Questionnaire from Publication Type. 
    You may also try including a search strategy such as this: Test* OR measure* OR instrument* OR survey* OR assessment OR questionnaire AND appended AND instruction

    Appended should help you locate articles with the instrument included in the appendix of the article. There’s likely more info about the tests without the test included, so you might want to try the search without the term “appended” as well.

  • APA PsycInfo 
    In Advanced Search, enter topic; select TM (Tests/Measures) @ Select Field drop-down.

Tests in Books

Tests Book & Test Collections Directory