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ENGL 1102H Cantrell : Journal search - Which database has a specific journal?

Support for Literary and Cultural Analysis Prospectus and Annotated Bibliography

Finding articles in a specific journal

Sometimes you may want to locate an article in a specific journal. You may have a citation for a specific article, or your instructor may have recommended a respected journal such as The New York Times Book Review, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, The Ringer, AV Club, or other journal that frequently publishes on the topic.

Here's how:


For practice:

1. Which database contains New York Times Book Review?

2. Find this article:

Hirschfield, Robert. "A Poet Walks the Line." The Progressive, vol. 70, no. 11, 11, 2006, pp. 30-31.

Lisa Suhair Majaj. “Arab-American Literature: Origins and Developments.” American Studies Journal, no. 52, 2008, p. 2