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ENGL 1102H Cantrell : Background Research

Support for Literary and Cultural Analysis Prospectus and Annotated Bibliography

Background intro

Once you decide on the work of literature you will discuss in your paper, start exploring the context of the work, such as:

  • Author biography
  • Social norms of the era
  • Place
  • Historical events

Gale Virtual Reference Library

 Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) is a great place to look for background information about authors and literary movements as well as historical events, places, and social norms.


Dictionary of Literary Biography

Bloom's Literature

Bloom's Literature iconBloom's Literature

  • Author biography
  • Literary criticism
  • Literary movements
  • Literary themes

Pro Tip

  • You may not use your background source in your paper, but the information you gather will give the rest of your research direction.

  • Start keeping a list of search terms, important information, and possible topics, such as:
    • What date was the work written?
    • What years did the author live?
    • Where did the author live?
    • What are some issues or themes from the author's life that show up in the work?