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A-Z Databases

Find the best library databases for your research.

NOTE: The use of many of the University Library’s resources is governed by license agreements which restrict the use to the GSU community and to individuals who use the GSU Libraries’ facilities. Each user is responsible for limiting use to individual, noncommercial purposes, without systematically downloading or distributing substantial portions of information. The use of software such as scripts, agents or robots, is generally prohibited and may result in the loss of access to these resources for the entire GSU community.

*Please be advised that there is currently a known issue with EBSCO databases wherein you must consent to data collection before being given access. This is a system-wide change and alternatives are being actively worked on by USG developers. For more information on current workarounds to access EBSCO when choosing to opt out of this policy, please see the LibGuide at for detailed instructions.


New and Trial Access

The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
Over 50 Adam Matthew Digital primary source databases covering a wide variety of historical topics.
Provides U.S. public opinion poll data through a full-text retrieval system organized at the question level. Note: GSU users can access the download data sets, many of which are available in SPSS format.
iPoll is now Roper iPoll. You must create a new account in order to access the new Roper iPoll.
Faculty – With access to the research performance of over 20,000 research institutions and their researchers from 230 nations worldwide, SciVal empowers you to visualize your research performance, benchmark relative to peers, develop strategic partnerships, identify, and analyze new, emerging research trends, and create uniquely tailored reports. SciVals’s more than 300 trillion metric values enable you to generate powerful analyses and data visualizations on demand to inform your decision-making processes. Note: You must "Sign in via your institution" and "Sign in with email" to create an individual Elsevier profile in order to utilize SciVal.
Access provided by the Office of International Initiatives
North American Immigrant Letters, Diaries and Oral Histories
Expires: May 29, 2021 The collection includes 2,162 authors and approximately 100,000 pages of information,, providing a unique and personal view of what it meant to immigrate to America and Canada between 1800 and 1950.

Readex Black Life in America: Series I 1707-1877 Arrival in America through Reconstruction
Expires: May 21, 2021 It is impossible to understand the struggles and successes of people of African descent in America without understanding their roots. Series 1 brings to life a pivotal era in American history, with original reporting and contemporary perspectives on the lives of enslaved and newly freed people, Nat Turner’s revolt, Harriet Tubman’s heroism, the Underground Railroad, the Civil War and Reconstruction, and more. Through firsthand reporting, editorials, obituaries, illustrations, and advertisements, these historical newspapers shed new light on critical events while revealing the impact of African Americans whose stories are less well known.

Readex Black Life in America: Series II 1878-1975 Jim Crow through the Civil Rights Movement
Expires: May 21, 2021 Even after slavery was toppled, many laws and policies continued to disadvantage Black Americans. Men and women such as W.E.B. Du Bois, Fannie Lou Hamer, and Martin Luther King, Jr., helped rectify these injustices, even while fighting a system often designed to silence them. Through historical newspapers, Series 2 provides insight into their efforts and those of hundreds of other civil rights leaders, as well as daily life during the Jim Crow era and the lasting contributions of African Americans in nearly every field imaginable. It also offers a range of views and reporting on the court decisions and policy changes that profoundly shaped the African American experience.

Women's Magazine Archive
Expires: April 22, 2021
An archival research resource comprising the backfiles of leading women's interest consumer magazines. Issues are scanned in high-resolution color and feature detailed article-level indexing. Coverage ranges from the late-19th century through to 2005.
Note: You will need to agree to a privacy consent in order to access this trial.