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Library Tutorials & Webinars

Explore the library and various ways to use the library to enhance your research abilities with video tutorials, printable handouts, and webinars.

How to log into WebEx

Library Webinar Log In Instructions (computer interface)

1. Log into the WebEx room using the link provided

2. Set up audio connection

  • Audio via computer: "Call Using Computer"  - Complete the audio set up to your computer's speakers or headset.
  • Audio via phone: Click on the ellipsis (...) under "Call Using Computer" to reveal the audio connection options.  Choose "I will call in."  This will reveal the toll-free phone number and code to enter to listen and speak with the participants in the room.


3. Communicate with the speaker. You do not need to have a microphone to communicate as long as you can hear the speaker.  Most students choose to communicate via the chat box and often the speaker will mute the participants for most of the webinar to minimize background noise and echo.

The WebEx Interface

Webex Window

Technical Support

The most common technical issue with WebEx is connecting to the audio.  These issues are usually resolved by calling in. (See above for instructions.)