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ENGL 1101 Adolph - The Moynihan Clapback: Assignment

Career Exploration Research Paper


The Moynihan Clapback - Argumentative Essay

  Students must write a 750-1000-word essay about the following prompt: Does the Moynihan (scapegoat or hold) (CHOOSE ONE) fathers' accountable as the root cause of __________ in marginalized families? 1. MUST BE WRITTEN IN THE THIRD PERSON (NO "I," "ME," OR "YOU") 2. MUST INCLUDE ONE OUTSIDE SOURCE FROM THE LIBRARY DATABASE SYSTEM 3. MUST INCLUDE THE MOYNIHAN REPORT 4. MUST BE TYPED, DOUBLE-SPACED, AND WRITTEN IN MLA FORMAT 5. MUST BE UPLOADED TO ICOLLEGE ON TIME 6. MUST SAVE DOCUMENT TO PORTIFOLIUM