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ENGL 1101 Willis- Career Exploration Research Paper: Assignment

Career Exploration Research Paper

It never hurts to have the assignment written in more than one place, right?

Career Exploration Research Paper

Due December 2, 2021

The goal of the research essay, which is in the informative aim, is to enlarge a reader’s view of a certain topic by providing accurate and relevant information. For this essay, you are required to choose a career of interest to explore. Once you have determined a career, you may focus on areas such as education, salary, work environment, and skills needed for the job. You are not limited to the four areas previously mentioned. Additionally, make sure that the topic can be supported in 4 to 5 pages (essays shorter than the required length will not receive a grade). In this essay, you are required to use a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of five (5) secondary sources, and they must be credible sources (for each missing secondary source you will receive a 10-point deduction). I encourage you to use certain research sites such as the GSU library’s electronic database. If MLA format and citations are incorrect, I will take off several points. Remember that this is an academic research paper, so you are required to use formal language (i.e., third-person perspective, no slang, no offensive language, no contractions). *If you plagiarize someone else’s work (professional or student), you will receive a zero for the paper and possibly fail the course. This paper is 25% of your final grade.

Your essay needs to show evidence of what we have discussed in class concerning invention, drafting, revision, editing, and MLA (Heading, In-text Citations, Works Cited). When citing, avoid using block/ lengthy quotations. Your essay must be 4 to 5 pages (of text). Your Works Cited page should be a separate page. Research essays that do not include both in-text citations and a Works Cited page will not receive a grade. Please follow the directions provided in the syllabus about the assignment policy (i.e., your paper must be typed in a 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins and double-spaced). I will take off for grammatical errors, so make sure you have as few errors as possible. If you feel you need additional help with your paper, please feel free to email or call me, use the online tutoring services, or visit PC's Learning and Tutoring Center.