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ENGL 1101 Perry - Red Level Project: Assignment

Persuasive Research Essay Assignment

It never hurts to have the assignment written in more than one place, right?

Red Level Project (2)

General Overview:  Students will create a 1250-1500 word project which presents the obstacles and successes of a real life adventurer (hero/villain/it's complicated) to make an argument about what it takes to become successful.   Students will carefully choose an organizational patterns, will give strong researched evidence and information about each item, and will construct a thesis to argue for one as better than the other(s).

Project Objectives:

  • To practice research methods
  • To incorporate researched information into personal ideas
  • To use standard documentation styles
  • To follow logical organizational patterns in essays
  • To think about what makes other people successful and how that success might motivate our own successes


  1. Turquoise:  Reliability
  2. Opal:  Half Way Through
  3. Amethyst:  Red Level Summary
  4. Emerald:  Misinformation

Artifact Information: For the Red Level Artifact, students must create a word dominant product, like a traditional research paper.  However, students are encouraged to remember that their document is digital and can include charts, graphs, embedded links, videos, and images. 

Skills to Learn on Red Level:

  1. Clothing: Proposal
  2. Satchel:  Annotated bibliography.  Students will first turn in an annotated bibliography with at least FIVE sources listed and annotated.  An annotation is a two to four sentence description of the sources:  one or two sentences that summarize what the source says and one or two sentences that describe how you will use the source in your paper. 
  3. Shield:  Outline. Students will create a ROUGH outline of their ideas. 
  4. Body Armor:  Rough Draft
  5. Transportation: Conferences
  6. Transportation Fuel:  Peer Review
  7. Alchemy:  Reflection

To Complete the Red Level:

The final project should cite at least three sources.  However, there is no upper limit on the number of sources you can use.   These sources should provide evidence for your thesis.  When incorporating your research into your final paper, it is important that you try not to let your resources take over your paper.  It should be your thoughts, your opinions, your work and you should use research to find examples of statistics, other people’s opinions, or instances that you can use as evidence to support your point. 

Remember:  A research paper is only as strong as its research!  Try to make sure all of your sources are less than ten years old (the newer the better), to use peer-reviewed sources, and to consider the quality of your sources (are they written by experts?).  

Expansion Pack for African and British Quests:  Scholarly Sources

 Students on the African or British Dragon Quests will create an ADDITIONAL annotated bibliography with four SCHOLARLY sources found in the library's database and will add at least two of these sources to their final artifact.  This means that students in these two quests are required to have FIVE total sources for their final artifact.  


  • This project should be formal in tone and diction. 
  • 1250-1500 words (not including Works Cited/Bibliography page)
  • Imagine a highly educated audience
  • MLA/Chicago/APA Style for Documentation
  • 12-point, Times New Roman font

Other tips for formal writing:  avoid contractions, use complex sentence structure, and avoid conversational tone (slang, cursing, and familiarity)


Library Research Intro Video