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ART 1301 Livengood: Artist Research: Assignment

Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Artist Research Project 


For this assignment, you will create a slide presentation with all responses to a list of questions below.

Choose one artist you want to research from


  You need to find the artist who was not introduced in this class. (Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Claude Monet, Andy Warhol, Pablo    Picasso, etc.)

Post your PowerPoint slide to the “Assignments.” in iCollege by 11/28 before midnight. (-30 points will apply)


Artist Name, Images, artwork titles, and year of made (if possible) are mandatory. 5

             Describe your first reaction and why you picked this artwork(s).

             Show minimum 3 different Images of artwork.

What materials and processes does the artist use?

1. In this artwork, I can see _____

(Paragraph describing everything that you can see; color, pattern, texture, line, shape, material, & anything else interesting)

2. In the background/foreground of the artwork, there is _______

3. What materials, tools, processes, and techniques did the artist use?



  1. I think the artwork is about  _________
  2. In this artwork, the artist wants to say or communicate through this artwork is… (write your opinion)
  3. The artist actually said… (find any quotes, the artist’ statement that gives you influence.)
  4. The artwork makes the viewer thinks …..


Background information

  1. The artist lives/lived in ___

                  Works/worked at ____  or

2. People/events/movements/events/ideas/concepts that they have influenced or been influenced by…


 What do you think of it?

  1. This artwork makes me think of  _____
  2. This artwork relates to ______
  3. What I particularly like about this piece is _____
  4. If I meet this artist in person, I want to ask them ___________   (think of 2-3 questions)
  5. This artwork gives me the following ideas for my work ________ (at least two things that interest you)


Resources: Provide a list of resources you used.

Presentation Skills: The structure of your presentation, the design of your slides, the tone of your voice, and the body language you convey.

** A presentation without slides will not be accepted.

***Plan your presentation to less than 7 min.



The slides look very organized and informative.

  • Keep the text on each slide to a minimum, as this is an oral presentation



Canva - Presentation Design Tool