Their Eyes Were Watching God: Assignment

ENGL 1102: Stacey

Grading Rubric

Cover Page  -  10 points

Dear Reader Letter  -  25 points

Table of Contents  -  20 points

5 Written Elements  -  75 pts (15 pts each)

1 Visual Element  -  25 points

Self-Evaluation  -  20 points

Works Cited  -  25 points

TOTAL  =  200 points! 

Possible Topics

  • Zora Neale Hurston and her life
  • Time period the book is from
  • Psychology of:
    • Feminism
    • Patriarchy
    • Limited Freedom
    • Domination
  • Liberation and domination
  • Leminine stereotypes and their evolution in the novel
  • Limits of Science
  • Growing up as a mixed race child
  • How race is linked to class during this time
  • The "death" of dreams

Assignment Specifics

You will need to create 5 pieces of writing for this paper.

The following are suggestions, but your own are welcomed as well.

You will also need one visual piece, such as:

artwork, movie, cartoon, postcard, panorama, time capsule, model or collage

You may also include photos, artifacts, and actual pieces of writing that you come across in your research.

These, however, will NOT count towards the 5 required CREATED documents and 1 required CREATED visual.