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EPRS 8700 Visual Research Methods (Fournillier, Fall 2016): Articles, Journals, and Databases

Journal Title Search: Use this search if you know the name of a specific journal that you would like to search

1. Go to the University Library home page.
2. In the main search box area on the left, Click on “Journals”. It’s the third tab from the left.
3. Enter the journal title. If you want to limit to electronic journals, you can click the button for “E-journals ONLY.”
4. Click on GO.
5. If you limited to electronic, then the journal title will be displayed in red. Click on the journal, listed in red.
6. A list of databases that cover that journal title will appear. The date range for coverage is listed, so consider that when selecting your database.
7. The search interface is a little different for each database, but most databases let you browse and search for specific terms.

Selected Journals Covering Visual Research

Typically, when doing research, you will go to the databases so that you can search hundreds of journals for articles on your topic all at once.  However, sometimes, you may want to browse or search individual journals. Click on the title below to go to a list of databases that cover the journal. This is not a comprehensive list as we have many more journals.