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Social Work 3600: Social Welfare Policy: Find & Track a GA Bill

Guide to social policy resources with special emphasis on Georgia legislation and policy

GA Legislative Process

Here is a Georgia Public Broadcasting guide on how a bill becomes a law. See page 7 for a great written description, and page 8 for a flow chart. There is also a video on how a bill becomes a law as well as a video on the legislative process


Find and Track a Bill

Georgia General Assembly Homepage
Search by bill number (HB for House bills or SB for Senate bills) or topic. Avoid items marked HR or SR (House and Senate Resolutions).

Georgia General Assembly Search Legislation page
Allows you to review and search all bills and resolutions for the current and past regular sessions.

Tracking a Bill Through The General Assembly gives a step-by-step of how a bill becomes a law. 

View the current Georgia Code

Georgia Code (Lexis-Nexis)
Compiles and codifies parts of each current law into a subject arrangement by title.

(Remember you must click the + signs to expand a section of the code.)

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