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*SOCI 3352 Mental Illness in the U.S. (Colón-Diaz): Scientific

Empirical vs. Non-Empirical Scholarly Articles Tutorial

Tutorial on strategies for discerning whether a scholarly article is EMPIRICAL or not:

POLL - Which is Empirical Research?

Here are two article records found in the Sociological Abstracts database - Which one is EMPIRICAL RESEARCH? 


Gender and Health Inequality
Ghazal Read, Jen'nan; Gorman, Bridget K. Annual Review of Sociology 36 (2010): 371-386.
Abstract (summary)



Gender Differences in Sleep Disruption among Retail Food Workers  
Maume, David J; Bardo, Anthony R; Sebastian, Rachel A. American Sociological Review 74.6 (Dec 2009): 989-1007.

Abstract (summary)

As women pursue careers while retaining primary responsibility for family life, discretionary time is an emerging arena of gender inequality in contemporary life. This study examines gender inequality in waking role obligations and the implications for differences in sleep disruption. Drawing on a sample of 583 retail food workers, who regularly worked nights and rotating schedules, we find in our multivariate modeling that women experience significantly more sleep disruption than do men. A decomposition analysis shows that almost one-half of the gender gap in sleep disruption is accounted for by gender differences in health status and various dimensions of work-family context. By implication, the remainder of the gender gap in sleep disruption is attributable to differences in responsibility for work-family obligations. Given the need for more research on how work-family conflict affects health and well-being, further research on sleep patterns is warranted.

POLL - Which is Empirical Research?
ARTICLE 1 is an empirical research article: 5 votes (10.87%)
ARTICLE 2 is an empirical research article: 40 votes (86.96%)
BOTH are empirical research articles: 1 votes (2.17%)
NEITHER are empirical research articles: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 46

Primary and Secondary Data?

What is the difference between "primary" and "secondary" data?

  • Primary data is data a researcher has collected him/herself to address his/her specific research questions via empirical analysis.
  • Secondary data is existing data that was collected by researchers, and is then made available to OTHER researchers for use in addressing their own research questions - so, even though the other researchers didn't collect the data themselves, they are still using the data for their own original research, and are thus doing empirical analysis.