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Prenursing -- General Research Guide: Welcome

This is a guide for prenursing students in the LINK program. It helps you find articles through databases, locate the books you need, and evaluate web sites and articles.

Welcome to LINK

The Prenursing Research Guide

This Research Guide offers help with the research and reading you need to prepare for the nursing program at GSU Perimeter College.

With help from this Guide you can learn to:

  • Search for articles with an allied health database. See the Finding Articles page to learn more.

  • Find books that help you study for the TEAS. See the Finding Books page to learn more.

  • Try one or more methods for handling difficult texts in your assignments. See the Reading Challenging Material page to learn more.

Georgia State Library -- Clarkston (JCLRC) Reference -- 678-891-3645
Georgia State Library -- Dunwoody Reference -- 770-274-5100

Georgia State Library -- Clarkston (JCLRC) Circulation -- 678-891-3647
Georgia State Library -- Dunwoody Circulation -- 770-274-5085

Getting Acquainted with the Library

Getting Acquainted with the Libraries

Finding Your Way Around the JCLRC

September 2017  map of the JCLRC

The Dunwoody Campus Map

Map of the Dunwoody Campus

The map above is a thumbnail. Please click it to see a full size version.