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Resources for Dr. Dwyer's Business Ethics class taught during the 2015 Summer Semester.


Your Guide for Business Ethics Resources

Welcome to the Business Ethics Research Guide.

This guide provides an introduction to resources related to the areas of business and corporate ethics and tips on how to find those resources.

Click the TABS above to navigate to the various resources featured on the guide. 

My contact information is on the right. Please contact me if you need assistance. In addition:

Here are a few general tips to get you started:

1. Begin Early: 
Locating good information relevant to your assignment takes time. Give yourself plenty of time to find good information to complete your assignment and complete it well.

2. Make sure you understand your assignment:
Ask your professorr if you have any questions.

3. Make sure you understand the types of sources you are allowed to use to complete your assignment:
For example, should you only use articles published in scholarly journals? Or can you use articles published in magazines and newspapers as well? Is information you found on the web okay to use? Ask Dr. Dwyer if you have any questions.

Need Help?

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